Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Triple Option Volume 18

Been a bit since I've posted on here, but got some things to talk about, so let's go!

The Give
The mailbag posts over at Football is Life have been quite fun to write to be honest.  What I like about them, is for me, they fit my schedule better than the larger posts I've done.  At the same time though, they have been very informative to my readers and I've gotten some excellent feedback on these posts.  The idea behind me going to this mailbag format is that I get a TON of email, asking questions on various things I've written about or chatted about on Coach Huey's site etc.  Well, most of us were told in school, no question is a bad question, so you might was well ask, as the likelyhood of someone having the same question as you do is quite high.  This way, I don't have to answer the same question, 12 times!  Anyhow, for those interested in participating in the mailbag posts, simple email me at footballislifeblog@yahoo.com and pose your question.  All questions remain anonymous, so don't worry about having your name and/or username spread around with the question you asked (hey, this ain't Dear Abby you know).  Anyhow, it's that simple.  Ask away, hell, I'm retired now!

The Keep
Looks like Chris Brown over at Smart Football has written himself another book!  In his latest book "The Art of Smart Football" Chris goes on to describe that there's some familiar topics that have been edited and updated, as well as some new stuff that wasn't in his first book "The Essential Smart Football".  I've read his first book, and let me tell you this, it is quite the read.  I actually sat down, the day I got it and read the entire thing cover to cover.  Chris is an excellent writer and does a great job seeing the game and explaining it in a way that both experienced coaches, as well as the casual fan can understand.  I'm ordering my copy this weekend.  Check out the link to get your copy today!  Thanks Chris!

The Pitch
Ok, I've got to get political here on you, so here goes.  Is anyone not concerned about this military training exercise going on in the Southwestern U.S.?  I read about awhile back, and really didn't give it much thought, but the more and more I read about Operation Jade Helm, the worse it sounds.  I hate to be a fear monger, but our current President and government fuel this conspiracy theory because they are so untrustworthy.  I think if the people weren't so afraid of their own government, military action such as this, viable or not, wouldn't be as scrutinized.  Some of President Obama's Executive Orders (EO's) give him all too much power.  I honestly believe the man should have been impeached a long time ago for actions against the Constitution.  However, I appear to be in the minority.  I just find such a large scale military exercise to be quite disturbing, especially taking place where it is.  Again, I'm no 9/11 conspiracy theory guy, I've got to see some concrete proof, but I'm keeping an eye on this one.  What really has me interested is the lack of press this thing is getting.  We all know the media in this country is aimed at keeping our attention turned to one thing while another goes on behind the scenes unreported.  The socialistic trends in this country are disturbing to say the least.  I know this, my vote will not, and will never be for someone who is for socialism.  I mean, we've had so many documented cases where this concept simply fails every time it's tried.  This isn't like the Two Level Defense (2LD) or the Celina Texas 10-1 defense that at least have some merit.  Every country that operates under some form of Socialism tends to lean towards my definition of "misery".

Hopefully we have elections coming up in 2016 if "Barry" doesn't decide to impose martial law on the land and try to keep himself in office.  I hope many of you reading this, realize that if we don't pull back from the liberal policies that have gotten us to where we are now, we are MOST certainly doomed.  Now I'm no gun-totin', religion clingin' redneck either.  There are certain things conservatives do that I don't care for either, however the lack of common sense by the party on the left is absolutely absurd.

One thing the people of this country need to stand up and demand is term limits.  Being an elected official was never intended to be a career choice.  Our forefathers did their elected duty, and when done, returned home to work in their places of business, or on their farms.  If we don't get career politicians out of Washington, nothing will ever change in this country, and I'm afraid it may even get worse.

Ok, so enough of the doom-n-gloom of politics.  Again, that's why I created this site, something a bit different than you see on my other site, and something a bit more "off the cuff".  Take care.