Monday, January 26, 2015

Triple Option Volume 14

Been awhile, been busy with all the flexbone posts over at Football is Life.  Anyhow, here's volume 14 to keep you entertained!

The Give
Well, we all watched the so-called College Football Playoff in its inaugural season, and to me it was a huge flop.  The whole idea that we put the fate of collegiate football teams in the hands of some panel is almost mind numbing.  Why?  What was wrong with the BCS?  It took the human-bias out of the equation (for the most part).  I don't get how hard it is to have an actual playoff that involves the bowls.  Sure, some teams would get left out, but that's life.  Money is too ingrained in the system now to have any sort of "actual" playoff.  What's going to happen is this thing is going to swell to 8 teams, and get even messier.  The reason I'm stating this is by going to 8 teams, or even just 6 you add games to an already over taxed collegiate athlete.  Look, I'm not for paying these guys, but let's be honest, we will be pushing to the brink of a 16 game season for those teams luckily enough to get picked to go.

I don't have an answer, but this whole 4 team playoff thing stinks.  I don't like the invite, it feels too much like college basketball.  The NCAA has got to grow some balls here and put an end to the stretch of the season.  However, that would be in an ideal world and we are very far from anything "ideal".  I'm not sure what the future holds, but imagine how Baylor and TCU feel.  Both resumes were quite deserving and who knows, they may have beaten any of the other teams that were in the mix.  I just think jumping on the bandwagon of the College Football Playoff is a bit premature.  The reality is, football is the BEST sport for the "winner-take-all" mantra of a regular playoff.  Look at the other levels, all the way down to Pop Warner.  Nowhere else in sport, except College Basketball is there a panel that "invites" teams to participate.  I can't believe that the same country that put a man on the moon, has such a flawed system for crowning a champion.

The Keep
Well, Deflategate has been abuzz in all the news here lately and rightfully so, nobody likes a cheater.  I really think it boils down to, nobody likes a consistent winner.  Sure, Bellichick has had more than his fair share of run-ins with the NFL, but let's be honest, do you really think these things would've hurt him anyway?  I mean, yes the ball will be easier to grip if has 2 pounds less air in it, than the rules state, but c'mon, the Colts could have been allowed to play with 2 extra players in the AFC Championship Game and probably still wouldn't have stopped the Pat's.  Which begs to reason, are the Colts sore losers, or do folks just hate to see consistent winners?  The whole situation also begs to ask the question, if the Pat's are so good, then why on Earth get caught doing some of the crazy shit they've been caught doing?  I mean, if you're good, you're good right?

So, what should the punishment be?  Obviously the air pressure in the football was not the deciding factor in the Patriots AFC Championship, so...?  I could see slapping them with a hefty fine, and perhaps a small reduction in draft picks over say the next 2 or 3 seasons, but even then, Bellichick has a knack for winning with less talent.  Might want to give them 1st round picks and take away their mid round picks instead!  I do think there should be a punishment.  I DO NOT think we need to be up in arms over 2 psi of air pressure in a football however.  Like I said, I don't think 2 psi of air pressure in a football is going to all-of-a-sudden make the Pat's 4-12.  So, let's punish them, and get on with it.  Isn't there enough to talk about during Super Bowl week without having to talk about Bill Bellichick's deflated balls?

Get off my balls...we're on to the Super Bowl...

The Pitch
I wanted to throw something at my T.V.  I dearly wanted to kick Nick Saban square in the seat of his pants, or choke the living shit out of Oregon's defensive coordinator.  As I watched time run out in both the semifinal game of the College Football Playoff and the National Championship Game, I was disgusted.  Everyone knows how much disdain I have for Urban Meyer (I call him Urban Liar).  Many think I'm a disgruntled Gator fan, and that is so very true, but is only part of my beef with Urban Crier (another nickname I've given him).  The problem I have is very simple.  First, the man is not of his word, yet preaches character.  How can this asshole sleep at night???  This guy told Gator Nation, Gainesville was it for him, only to run off due to heartburn or pussitis, whatever he had to then get his "dream job".  Uhh...there's a good lie for you right there.  Next, he leaves a program HE HIM FUCKING SELF CALLED "BROKEN".  I have a HUGE beef with this.  Number one, my mantra as a coach is to always leave it better than when you found it.  Sure, Urban Meyer pulled Florida out of Zook's mess, but let's be honest, Zook actually left the program in BETTER shape than Meyer.  When Zook left, the talent on Florida's roster was 2nd to none.  When Meyer left, there was nothing.  Oh yeah, John Brantley was a 5-star recruit (what???).  What a joke.  I am by no means  a fan of Will Muschamp either, but he really was given the short end of the stick when it came to what all he had to deal with to get the program righted.  I can't imagine decimating a program I brought 2 national championships to in the span of 4 years in the way Meyer did.  The sickening thing is he walked out with that shit-eating grin because he KNEW what he'd done.  He KNEW he was in over his head and needed an excuse to get out.  That my friends is right in the dictionary and is labeled QUITTER.

I had to laugh because one of the pregame bits was on how Urban's father had taught him not to be a quitter.  I mean, the producers at ESPN had to have giggled at the thought of putting that thing together...right?!  The man is gutless.  The absolute definition of quitter.  Things got tough, got stressful and he bailed.  Instead of doing what a MAN does and suck it up and fix the shit storm he'd created, he rode out of town, leaving a once proud football program in ruins.  I got run off the Huey board last week for a post on this very same thing, and there's nobody this side of the Vatican that could change my mind.  He quit, he's a QUITTER and karma will catch up to him, hopefully sooner than later.  So bask in the glow of your brand new championship trophy there OSU, your days are numbered, because you have a parasitic liar at the helm, who will ride you like the whore you are, only to toss you to the side when you are dried up and done.  Mark my words...