Monday, December 8, 2014

The College Football Playoff

As I just typed that title I realized, that's pretty much 100 percent bullshit.  I mean, let's be honest, is it really a playoff, or is it just an invitation to play an extra game at the end of the season to crown a mythical champion?  For all of the bitching the fans got about the BCS (which wasn't really broken btw) it looks as if this new playoff by committee thing is going to really work out...NOT!  Sunday, TCU and Baylor were basically robbed because the conference they play in is stupid, and Urban Meyer somehow weaseled his way into the top four with a mediocre B1G team.  Wow, now that's America ain't it?!  Don't let the deserving teams in, no way, let's give it to the team with the better fan base!  Good one playoff committee, good one.

TCU, get to the back of the line!

There's never been a bigger argument for a TRUE playoff than now.  The whole bowl thing has been and always will be stupid.  The problem with getting it changed is there's too much money involved.  The fact of the matter is it MUST be changed for the sake of the game.  I mean, what do you do if you're Gary Patterson or Art Briles who just compiled 11 win seasons and are sitting on the outside looking in?  "Well guys, should have gone undefeated".  On the other hand, the Big 12 knew there was going to be a playoff committee, and they also knew they didn't have a championship game, and even crowed "co-champions" after Saturday's games.  I would think, that even in today's imperfect world that the head-to-head win over TCU would have put Baylor over TCU for the championship.  Crowing one champion might have helped the Big 12's case.  As it is, they Big 12 simply have out 2 trophies for 1 championship.  Uh...this isn't Pop Warner, where we all get a trophy for participation.  I mean, while you're at it, let's give Kansas and Iowa State a trophy too, hell they showed up.  For crying out loud, crown one champion, or have a championship game!

The sad part is the that those coaches and players for TCU and Baylor have played their guts out this season, and the bowl game is a lowly consolation game.  I'm sure those players will be totally motivated to play to be the sixth best team in the country.  The NCAA is absolutely destroying the game, by discrediting the works of some of these teams.  I don't want to get into scenarios, but damn, if we can put a man on the friggin' moon, why on Earth can we not come up with a system that marries the bowls into a true playoff pairing conference champions AND some wild-card bids?  I mean, is that too much to ask?

Anyhow, in my opinion, college football is broken, and really is laughable at best to watch for the pure purpose of rooting for teams.  To be honest, I've watched very little live games, as I DVR most to watch for schematic purposes.  There was a time when I watched live games for the matchups and implications they brought about, but with this playoff being presided over by a committee, I've lost touch.  The whole thing seems "rigged", even though I know these folks are trying to be as impartial as they can, it just doesn't sit well with me.  I think the NCAA can and should do better.  However, what will end up happening will be that we will loathe in this 4 team playoff bullshit for another 2 or 3 years, then simply change it to 8 teams.  The fact you won your conference may become irrelevant, and you simply have to pass the "eye test", or do whatever unspeakable act behind closed doors that Urban Meyer did to get into the playoffs.  Quite frankly it sucks.  Especially for those that matter, the players and the fans.

Well, I'm going to pick them anyways, so here goes:

  1. Alabama over Ohio State
  2. FSU over Oregon
  3. Championship game Alabama over FSU

Pretty much how I feel about the College Football Playoff