Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Not really what I'd like to see as the "face" of UF's football program...

Well, according to the latest reports it looks as though UF is going after Colorado State head coach Jim McElwain.  Once again, Jeremy Foley is making another capital blunder, and I shall share why.

  1. It's the Mountain West.  Jesus Christ, are you telling me we have to go the Pop Warner's of College Football to find our next head coach at UF?  What the hell Foley?  At least give me some reports of "Gary Patterson declined our interview" or "Chip Kelly says he's staying put in Philadelphia".  To just up and report that McElwain is your top target, doesn't sit real well with me, nor does it Gator Nation.  I'm sure you've been on Twitter, and seen the arguments, and what you're job is requiring you to do.  Gator Nation doesn't want Unproven Joe, they want Joe Winner.
  2. "He's a Saban guy".  I heard this one yesterday and liked to have crapped my pants.  Really???  We're gonna go with that argument?  Well, wasn't Mustdump a Saban guy too?  Uhh...yeah, he was.  Looks like you can go flush that logic right down the crapper Foley.
  3. "He's an offensive guy".  This one baffles the ever loving shit out of me.  Why on Earth does this matter?  If he's a good football coach, then he's an offense, defense, special teams, recruiting, fund raising, kissing babies minded guy.  HE'S A FOOTBALL COACH, NOT AN OFFENSIVE COACH, JACKASS!!!  I knew this was going to happen, good coaches such as Doc Holliday (who could recruit a nun to become a prostitute) and Gary Patterson were going to be passed over because they are "defensive guys".  The thing is Foley, they're damn good coaches who have defensive roots, but have shown that as a HEAD COACH, they can be concerned with the other facets of the game.  Gary Patterson has brought in some of the top offensive talent in the state of Texas...did you hear me Foley...TEXAS to little ol' TCU, and is now pissing in the Cheerio bowls of the likes of Texas, and Oklahoma.  Uh, but we need Jim McElwain cause the dude knows how to score.  Bullshit.  We need a guy who can get that die-hard FSU kid to switch before signing day, that can steal that good South Georgia LB away from FSU or Georgia, and a guy who can sway the Liberty City kid away from going to school 5 minutes away to driving 5 hours away.  Yeah, that guy is Doc Holliday, but you already knew that...or at least I hope you did.
  4. Knee jerk reaction.  Again, we see Foley being quick to the guns here with releasing who he's looking at.  Why not wait until after championship weekend to decide who you want.  That way you can talk to more than the dude from Southwest Louisiana State University.  Wanna know why McElwain can talk to you BEFORE championship week?  Uh, because he coaches at CSU?  Damn right.  Gary Patterson's a bit busy right now.  If you lose McElwain to Nebraska or Michigan, so be it, we are UF, let them have the unproven guy.  You need to buy a guy that can rival Nicky Satan.  If you aren't in that mindset, please pack your bags and get your ass out of Gainesville.  Oh, and thanks for Urban Meyer...
  5. He left Alabama and their offense got BETTER...with LANE KIFFIN as their OC.  Did you ever let that sink in?  If you haven't, please do.
  6. Lastly, I plain don't like the way he looks.  I dunno...looks like a jackass to me...doesn't pass the eye test.  Oh well...
Someone text this guy Doc Holliday's phone number!!!

I don't get it.  Foley's a miss here.  If he makes this hire, I promise you, Gator football goes off the radar.  All of what Steve Spurrier built will become memories, talked about like the Bo Schembechler days at Michigan, or the Tom Osborne days at Nebraska.  Foley, you HAVE to get this right...or else...


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