Thursday, April 10, 2014

Triple Option Volume 12

Well it's been awhile, but I've got some things to unload on ya'll, and what better way than doing in volume 12 of my Triple Option segment!  Let's dive in, shall we?

The Give
In a recent article in American Football Monthly (AFM), I read about the 3-3-5 defense as run by Cocoa High School in Florida.  The titles and subtitles in the article basically were your standard "Stuff Your Opponents With the Dreaded 3-3-5 of Cocoa High School!!!", you know the ones, complete and utter bullshit.  In a recent post on the Huey board, I found many coaches that are like myself about the 3 man fronts (NOT the 3-4, don't get your panties in a bunch).  Basically it sucks, and YES this is coming from a guy who's run the defense so you can quit yelling at your computer screen.  Anyhow, the reason I didn't just pass over this article, was because I've coached against Cocoa, and let me tell you, it doesn't matter what the hell they ran defensively, they'd be pretty damn good at it.  What really disappointed me was how stupid AFM thinks the modern high school football coach is.  I was really embarrassed to be honest.  Surely the magazine to which I've been a subscriber to since 2008 hasn't gone the way of most football marketing ploys that claim to sell you the Holy Grail of all schemes that can stop any offense such as the dreaded Face Melter Defense?!  No, they couldn't have?!  Ah...yep, they pretty much did.  I've been noticing this trend more and more in AFM, and it's sickening.  The problem is, the folks at AFM aren't dummies, they must know that what they are peddling, is being read by somebody.  In other words, they have a target audience.  This target audience cannot be a football coach that's worth his salt though.  I mean, who for a minute thinks that you are going to be able to take what some high school in Florida does and install it verbatim at their school and have it work just like it does at Cocoa.  Unfortunately more coaches than I care to count think this way.  Sure AFM is a great resource, and I don't really want to sound like I'm bashing them, but to those of us who are objective thinkers in today's football game, their articles and rhetoric are really becoming nauseating.

The Face Melter, been working since Raiders of the Lost Ark!

 I guess the old saying holds true that "If you cannot dazzle them with your brilliance, then baffle them with bullshit".  AFM seems to have taken this literally here lately, and I'd really love to see them get back to simply reporting on schemes with out the disgusting "Score 100 Points With the Up-Tempo, No-Huddle Pistol Veer Offense" titles.  The problem is, a majority of the low-information coaches that read that shit...believe it.  That's what's really scary.  Let me tell you this, referring back to the article on Cocoa's defense, if you don't have you about five FBS commits on your defense, I wouldn't run what they run.  They got some cats, or as the old boy at Apopka calls them "Jits".  Having coached against these guys, I can tell you, they could man up every receiver you have, and be bad enough up front to whip most teams asses.  Sure they lost to Booker T. Washington this season (Florida's Class 4A State Champion and the eventual National Champion), but who didn't?  I'd lay a lot of money on the table and say that Cocoa could run the old Wide Tackle 6 and probably beat the dog shit out of just about everybody they play.

I guess what really "irks" me about the whole thing is two-fold.  First, I simply cannot believe that coaches today, with the wealth of knowledge at our fingertips (the new phrase now is "Google it") would succumb to such a shitty marketing ploy as what AFM has stooped to doing.  Second, I can't believe AFM is not only using these tactics, but getting worse and worse.  Again, I've read AFM since 2008, and I've gotten a lot from them, even used some of it.  However, here lately, the magazine hasn't even been good bathroom reading.  I'd really like to see a change, more objective writing, that produces some critical thinking on the part of coaches.  Then again, that takes considerable work, it also requires writers who know what in the hell they are writing about, and know their target audience.  The purpose of technical writing (I consider football articles to be a form of technical writing and this may be my problem with what AFM is doing)is not to sell copies of a magazine, but to induce critical thinking and study schematics and logistics of certain topics.  Some, and I'm being liberal with the use of the word "some", of AFM's articles do this, but the number is dropping rapidly and the entire publication is becoming one big infomercial for football schemes and products.  Let's try to be objective, instead of bowing down to some state champion football coach who puts out three and four FBS football players a season and runs the no-huddle, up-tempo, pistol zone read offense, look at why some things DON'T work.  Look at reasons why certain schemes fail, and what to watch for when installing schemes and/or using products.  Anyhow, I'm probably pissing up a rope when it comes to writing this, but I know most of you that read this have thought the very same thing, I'm just showing that I have the balls to say it.  Needless to say, I probably won't be renewing my AFM subscription, and I'd be willing to bet, AFM is glad to hear that!

The Keep
The unionization of collegiate athletics is probably the scariest item on the docket for college football since the concussion issue.  I think the future of the game rests in the hands of some "higher-ups" such as athletic directors, college presidents and law makers.  Down on the bottom end of the totem pole is the football coach, who, as we know that shit rolls down hill, is getting shit on.  Paying players to play an amateur game is ridiculously stupid.  First off, THEY ARE GETTING PAID DUMBASS!!!  Sorry, but I have your attention now.  What the hell is a college scholarship?  It's books and tuition, last time I checked tuition cost MONEY, holy shit, what a novel concept.  I'm not advocating violence, but I'm going to say this, if you lock me in a room with Kain Colter...I'm gonna beat the shit out of him.  The ignorant prick has had the audacity to push for this bullshit, and is like most low information democratic voters out there...stupid.  I guess the free four years of education weren't enough for him.  Sure, that college degree will open doors for me, get me a job, but I wanna be rich dawg.  Uh yeah, then you shouldn't have sucked at football.  What a dipshit.  The sad thing is that stupid people are the squeaky wheel.  Looks like Colter got the grease!

Oh you dropped the ball alright...

Now, with all this being said, this could ONLY happen in a screwed up shit hole like Chicago.  Of course they want to pay players, it means union votes and unions are just such cuddly, awesome-for-the-country type organizations, right?!  Uh, not no, but hell no.  Unions, in their infancy were good for the American worker, however now, if you want to see how unions are run, just watch the Godfather and the Godfather Part II.  Yep, pretty much, they are the mafia.  Union bosses are now the "Don's" of the American organized work force.  Sure, this is who we want helping college athletes, and changing the face of the best sport in America.  Wake up dickheads!  This is bad, super bad.  Anytime money is involved, things go very bad.  What's really disturbing is the fact that a university's education, is no longer worth the trade for playing a sport.  Had I not gotten what little football money I got in college my final bill would have been over $60,000 dollars.  As it was I paid less than $40,000.  Were there nights I ate cereal for supper?  Were there times that I couldn't buy my favorite Nike gear because I had to save what money I was making to repair my vehicle?  Yes.  Were there times that I'd have loved to have the money to buy a plane ticket home, but had to decide between that and eating on the weekend?  Yes.  It's called budgeting.  It's called learning the value of the friggin' dollar, and how to stretch it to go as far as it possibly can.  Not once did I EVER think the university I went to should be paying me to play football BECAUSE THEY ALREADY WERE!!!!  This is the stupidity I cannot get over.

Now on the flip-side, some of the NCAA's rules on players having jobs etc. is a bit rough.  I think some revamping should be in order.  The players, whining about not getting the money that is generated from them playing is short-sighted.  How do you put a price on education?  You don't.  The problem is, I'd be willing to bet over half of the players, don't give a shit about their education.  Most of them, want to "stack that paper", or "make that bankroll".  They don't care how they get it, and when some union boss pounds his chest about how they "deserve it", those meager 20-year old, masses of gray matter brains in today's collegiate athlete's heads begins to believe it.  Yes, your time and sacrifice is worth something, a free education, room, board, and books.  Not to mention the free clothing and perks you get from the university that NO OTHER REGULAR STUDENTS GET, just because you are an athlete.  Pretty soon, athletes are going to want their own offices in the stadium.  I mean seriously, where does it end?  I'm hoping that all this unionization talk will fizzle, but anymore, when decisions like this get to lawmakers, it's a crap-shoot.  Let's keep our fingers crossed that the new "less-than-humble" college athlete doesn't fuck everything up for the future of college football.

The Pitch
Well, this season I will be coordinating defense from the booth.  I'm not sure how it's going to work, but we're "all in" for giving it a try.  We did it for the last two games of this past season, and it seemed to work pretty good.  I like the view up there, and with my "chart man" with me calling defense came pretty easy.  Now, we were very vanilla last season with what we did, and will be the same way this year to some extent.  We'll have to see when our feet are really held to the fire how we get the calls in, and make personnel changes.  Adding a few new coaches to the staff will require some training on this issue as at yesterdays' coaches meeting, nobody had ever dealt with a coordinator being in the booth.  When I coached in college, or OC was in the booth, and I always thought it worked pretty good.  Communication is the key element when you set the system up this way.  As long as the coaches on the ground know what they are doing and what you want, I think it can work.

Yep, I called Cover 4!

With that being said, for those of you that do coordinate from the booth, give me a shout and let me know some of the pitfalls we might experience, or some of the things you do to make things easier.  I'm always interested in ideas from other coaches.  Hit me up at and let's share some ideas.  I'd rather do that, than read some bullshit article in AFM about a headset system or a no-huddle communication system.  Sorry, had to take that jab....

Until next time!