Tuesday, January 7, 2014

For All The SEC Haters Out There...

Here are some numbers for you.  Since everybody is praising FSU for beating Auburn last night (which they barely did), let me remind some of you dumb asses about a thing or two.  This involves numbers, so would somebody please hold Jameis Winston's hand and help him?

What da fuck dis' fool be talkin' bout?

Number of BCS National Championships: 16
Number of Appearances Per Conference (not teams, just number of times the respective conferences have had a team appear in the Championship Game):
SEC: 10
Big-12: 7
ACC: 5
Big 10: 3
PAC 12: 3
Big East: 3

Number of Wins Per Conference:
SEC: 9 (Alabama 3, Florida 2, LSU 2, Auburn 1, Tennessee 1)
Big 12: 2 (Oklahoma 1, Texas 1)
ACC: 2 (Florida State 2)
Big 10: 1 (Ohio State 1)
PAC 12: 1 (USC 1- although this one was vacated)
Big East: 1

Now a little math for our Big 12 folks who can't do long division.

Conference Win Percentage:
SEC: .900
ACC: .400
Big 12: .286
Big 10: .333
PAC 12: .333
Big East: .333

Head to Head Match ups
SEC vs. ACC: 1-1 (Tennessee beat FSU and FSU beat Auburn)
SEC vs. Big 12: 3-0 (Florida & LSU beat Oklahoma and Alabama beat Texas)
SEC vs. Big 10: 2-0 (Florida & LSU beat Ohio State)
SEC vs PAC 12: 1-0
SEC vs Big East: 0-0

Here's an even bigger stat for you jack wagons:

Number of times teams of the same conference have appeared in the championship game: 1

And who might that conference be?  You guessed it Bob Stoops, the S-E-C!!!  See, the South is just where football belongs.  Football in other places just ain't the same. I mean where else does one family member shoot another family member over an in-state rivalry?  You guessed it, the almighty South.  I mean, how many California mothers would do this (lol)?

So the proof is in the pudding, Nebraska, Oklahoma and FSU may have won their respective battles, but the SEC definitely won the BCS war!!!