Thursday, December 19, 2013

Dear Media...Shut the Hell Up!

Yeah, you heard me!  Holy cow, what a whirlwind of absolute bullshit the past two weeks have been.  From the firing/resigning of Mack Brown at Texas to the rumors of Nick Saban to Texas (which in turn had Jimbo Fischer to Alabama and James Franklin to that girls college in Tallahassee) to the RGIII benching, it has been a fiasco...and rightfully so.  The media in this country has gone, shall I say, bat shit crazy.  I used to think it was just the political media, but nowadays, sports media has gone bonkers.

Alabama is that way!

The funny thing is, it comes down to folks trying to justify their jobs.  It's no different than a government agency regulating itself into existence.  I mean, if the sports media loses something to talk about, then why then do we need them?  Let me say this.  In my recent travels (of which you can read about here), I listened to a large amount of sports talk radio.  What's funny is, they were all talking about basically the three things I mentioned above.  If you weren't paying attention they were:

  1. Mack Brown and his status at Texas.
  2. Nick Saban being the successor to Mack Brown.
  3. RGII's benching.
Now that I have your attention, I can move on.  Anyhow, sports media, so hell bent on finding any sort of story to report is like a buzzard flying over a wounded animal, just waiting for it to die.  Chip Brown, the douche bag who reported fraudulent information at is just such a buzzard.  This jackass couldn't keep his mouth shut long enough to allow the University of Texas and Mack Brown to hash their differences, and I honestly believe it had an effect on the overall outcome of this story.  I think Mack felt pressured (I mean who wouldn't being the HC at Texas) to "do the right thing", and the university is simply wanting to do whatever it takes to get the football program back on track.  All the while, both sides, Mack and Texas, wanted Mack to out with class and dignity.  I don't blame them, however the media, who in my opinion had it out for Mack Brown, wouldn't let things go.  For some reason, I can see Sargent Joe Friday saying "Just the facts ma'am".  I mean, what has happened in this country to let us report, shall I say it, bullshit.  I mean, Chip Brown, goes and reports something, that yes did come true, but may not have had he kept his cake hole shut.  

A lot of this goes back to the "look at me" society we've become.  Oh, don't publicize the school shooting because it makes it look glamorous...what the hell????  Yep, that's us, welcome to Amerika.  The root of it all is fame and money, you know the stuff found in rap songs.  Everybody wants a piece of the pie.  Just look at the clowns that came out of the woodwork once Johnny Manziel won the Heisman (Winston better watch his back, he's even more of clown than Johnathan Pigskin ever thought of being).  Somewhere, somehow, there has got to be a line drawn in the sand.  That line is known as dignity.  That line is known as respect.  These two qualities have been long forgotten in journalism, and in fact, may never come back.

As for us pee-on's, we'll have to simply wait for that one person to dazzle us with their brilliance, while all others simply try to baffle us with bullshit.  Look at what's happening in our nation's capital with a former Heisman trophy winning QB in RGIII.  I mean the stories have run rampant about why RGIII is getting benched.  From Shanahan wanting to get fired, to wanting to protect the future of the franchise.  If reporters are reporting facts, how in the hell are two stories so completely on opposite ends of the spectrum?  The reason is simple, talk is money in that business, and if somebody ain't a talkin' they ain't makin' money.  So it leads us to the system we have now, where you really cannot believe a damn thing you read or listen to unless it is, in fact, coming out of the horse's mouth.  What a shame, and here I thought only the 6 o'clock news was hard to watch, now SportsCenter and the rest of the lot is a joke as well.  

I know it has no bearing, no effect, no ramifications on what we are dealing with in this "information at your fingertips age", but the media really needs to back up, and realize what absolute dip shits they've made themselves out to be.  It's like ten thousand crack heads fighting over the last vile of crack on the planet.  They are so maddened by trying to find a story, they lack the true focus and patience to wait for the ACTUAL story to break.  It's also like watching a drag race being run, that nobody but the media themselves are watching.  Everybody's wanting to be the "first" one to report a story.  Do they give prizes for being first in that business.  I've watched the news for much of my adult life and I don't think I've ever seen anyone awarded a trophy for being first in that business.  Now, I've seen people given awards for their reporting ability, or the content of their work, but not for being first.  I really don't get it, which is why I'm writing this.  I wonder if the media actually knows just how stupid they look to the rest of us, or if they are simply like the political media and "think" they operate in a vacuum?  Now I know why so many jocks take journalism in college, any dick wad can do it, and it doesn't even have to be good to be considered journalism.  Who knew?