Thursday, May 2, 2013

Tim Tebow and Why the NFL and its Media are Complete Idiots

Funny how the media works these days.  To the stupid, ignorant and uninformed (which means you probably voted for Obama), the media works their little word games and mind tricks much like a Sith Lord trying to woo an opposing Jedi over to the dark side of the Force.  For those of us who can clearly see through the media bullshit, I say shame on you, you egotistical, mind controlling pricks!  The idea that Tim Tebow is a bad quarterback is preposterous!  Sure, he doesn't fit the 'mold', the status quo, or what have you.  However, he does the number one thing that coaches from Pop Warner to the NFL ask their QB's to do...WIN THE DAMN GAME!  The guy has unprecedented record as a starter, dating back to his time at Ponte Vedra Beach High School where he won himself a state championship.  Two BCS National Championships and one Heisman Trophy winning season later, he wins a playoff game in Denver, where some folks had forgotten the NFL season COULD extend into January!  Yet, Elway, in all his wisdom, dumps Tebow and takes off on the Manning experiment.  This is fine, but the debacle that has ensued has been a tumultuous one for our Timmy T.  So what is Tebow to do now?

Offers have come rolling in from the CFL and from the arena league.  Tebow...please don't.  You are better than that, you CAN be an NFL QB, as long as you don't end up playing for a dickhead like Rex Ryan.  I mean, let's just admit the facts here.  Mark Sanchez is absolutely terrible, that's all there is to it.  Mark Sanchez is Ryan Leaf without a temper.  Yet, Foot Ryan still decides to keep him in there.  Look, I know, Tebow can look God-awful at times, but why does "winning" have to have a "look" associated with it?  I mean, who gives a shit if you win all 16 games by an average point margin of 7 points and only average scoring 21 a game?  Did you win?  Yes!  Good, plug and repeat the next season.  The reason for this tragedy is us as humans like stuff to fit in neat little boxes.  We like our teams to score 40, hold opponents under 20 and have a QB on the front cover of GQ magazine with his arms wrapped around some airhead bimbo supermodel.  What the hell does that have to do with winning????  I watched Tebow's former team the Florida Gators win as ugly as anyone could possibly do so this year and the media minds kept wanting to beat them down for it.  You win 11 games, I don't care how you did it, you won 11 games.  I've seen, coached and been around teams that scored 40, held opponents to 38 and won 11 games, and been around teams that scored 14, held opponents to 12, and went 4-6.  Whoever said numbers don't lie, was an idiot.  Sure there are several statistics that do correlate to winning, but not all of them.  You can score 40 points a game, but if you defense gives up 50 and you have a huge turnover margin, you are probably oh-fer!  Anyways, what does this have to do with Tebow?  It has EVERYTHING to do with Tebow.  Scouts, coaches and owners have listened to the media bullshit about how Tebow can't do this, can't do that etc.  What they are NOT listening to is what he CAN do.  As a coach, I always get an ill-temperament when one of my assistants starts telling me what a player can't do.  Well, let's find out what he can do and do it!  Tebow needs that guy.  Sure, it's a big risk, but the body of work from two years ago serves as a reminder of what happens when you give this guy a chance.

I honestly think, Tebow's fanatical religious beliefs are what has gotten him under such media scrutiny.  Look, I'm not saying he should change, and I'm the LEAST religious person in the world (personally I think it's bullshit), but hey, if that's what you believe, then DO IT!  The media has eaten Tebow up on this, but they can't figure out why the fan base keeps growing and growing for this young man.  Wanna know why ESPN? People want somebody they can believe in.  They want somebody that will make them better, and we all gravitate toward good leaders and people of high moral standings.  Tebow is all of the above!  The guy has had zero run-ins with the law and lives his life just like he preaches.  The media cannot stand this, because then there is no story to present and no work for them to do.  That is why the media breeds uncontrollably in this country, it's not journalism anymore.  It has become "feeding the fat kid" and he can never get enough anymore.  If bad shit didn't happen, nobody would watch the news.  I relate this to those that watch NASCAR for the crashes.  Hell, I'm one of them.  Same thing with hockey, I couldn't tell you jack shit about the game of hockey other than it has some bad-ass hits!  The problem is, when the media conjures up stories to give themselves work.  The whole Tebow bashing has been easy for them to spin negative light on a star they want to see fall.  A large portion of our sports media are like hungry wolves in a pit, waiting for that single piece of meat to fall in so they can pounce on it.  When Tebow was released, the wolves got to eat...

So to the coaches out there looking for a winner, you need to sign this young man, and don't make him your personal protector on the punt team, let him compete at QB and give him a shot.  He's not made a fool of anyone who's ever given him a chance.  Just ask Urban Meyer...