Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Triple Option Volume 10

Been awhile...

I know, I know, too damn long!  Anyhow, back by popular demand (actually because I felt like it) is the good ol' Triple Option!!!!

The Give
The bombings in Boston are absolutely horrific.  I cannot believe the cowardice of some individuals in this world today.  They are so many more ways to get your point across than to blow shit up.  I feel for those folks involved in this tragedy.  What makes you sick is our lawmakers pandering their pathetic faces on camera and using this tragedy as a political statement.  I've already heard the comments "Right-wing extremists" and so forth.  Really?  Without having the facts in front of them, some of these dirt bags, both Republican and Democrat are puffing their chest out like a spring gobbler looking for a mate.  Now is not the time for politics, now is the time for ACTION!  Anyhow, like I said, my heart goes out to all those who lost their lives, are fighting for their lives, and are involved in this tragedy.  Let's hope our authorities can get to the bottom of this, and swift justice can be served!

The Keep
Dude, what is up with this Auburn report?  What a funny little game of finger pointing that began after the story broke.  So who's legit?  Seems to me like a bunch of Auburn players rolled on their teammates, but then again, did they?  This kind of stuff is sad really, if the media is really that hard up to report on something bad, look for something good to report on.  I have a hard time believing that players, who are supposed to belong to a "brotherhood" would roll on each other, but you never know a person's motives.  Anyhow, this kind of crap is what clouds the game, and really makes you wonder if it would end if we really did just pay the players.  Now, grade tampering could still happen, but in that event, I do think the NCAA should come down hard, but the money thing is usually more prevalent than grades...or at least that's what we hear.  This kind of crap is bad for football, in general.  I mean, it paints all football players in a negative light.  Greed is a major root of a lot of it, but so is entitlement, which is becoming so prevalent among college athletes nowadays.  Many of the blue-chip starts feel entitled for their services or don't feel the need to work for or earn that C- in Underwater Fire Prevention 101.  The problem is, none of this is good for college football.  Another major item is the way the NCAA handles such violations.  I once saw, on The Herd I believe, a wheel, similar to the Wheel of Fortune, with all the NCAA penalties listed on it.  Herd simply spun the wheel and where it landed was how the punishment was doled out.  Which really seems to be the way the NCAA is handling things.  I wouldn't be surprised if that group of folks wasn't just as corrupt, or more so, than the ones they are governing...food for thought?

The Pitch
I have recently been on a supplement that I HAVE to share with you.  It comes from the Morenga tree, which is a tree that many call the Miracle Tree.  I'd have to agree.  What sold me, is a good friend of mine began taking it, and within weeks was completely off of his allergy medicines.  His son, who as suffered with asthma and allergies all his life, is now off his allergy medication, and is one doctor visit away from being off his asthma medicine.  The young man went through an entire basketball season being able to play full games without the use of his inhaler.  Some information on Moringa can be found in the video below.  If you want more information on the supplement, then email me at theduece02@yahoo.com and I will send you what I have.  I have been on it for a week now and lost seven pounds.  There are options for weight loss, performance and even a line of skin care products.  I wouldn't share this on here if it weren't for the fact that I've seen the testimonials AND I've tried the product, AWESOME stuff to say the least.  Hit me up if you are interested.