Monday, January 28, 2013

The Pussification of America...Directly From the White House...

Well whoop-dee-friggin'-doo!!!  I wish he'd get off his ass and go to work on the economy, rather than boo-hooing about the dangers of football.  Hey, just think, he's trying to keep more people out of his socialized health care, we know the lines are already going to be long enough, no need to have a bunch of damn football players hogging up the space in line with head injuries.  As you can tell, I think our socialist dictator of a President is absolutely terrible, and what on Earth does the man have anything to do with the game, need to comment on it?

He's not the only one though, and many folks, including players themselves are coming out about the dangers of the game of football.  First, think back to the time of gladiators if one of them would have come forward about the dangers of those games...uh, YOU FRIGGIN' DIED IF YOU LOST!!!  Now we are concerned about some grown men making millions (the gladiator got to eat for another night, and sleep in a nice dungeon) of dollars, living in extensive mansions having head injuries.  BULLSHIT!  These guys knew what they were getting into when they signed up for the NFL.  It's not different than the parent that says they don't know the dangers when they sign little Johnny up for T-ball.  One good shot off the tee into the temple and you've got a dead six year old on your hands.  Should we outlaw T-ball?  No, of course not, you are talking about the rarest of incidences.  Football is a violent game, and everything they are doing to take that violence away should be fought by those that embrace the game for what it is.  The reality of all of this, is NOBODY IS FORCING THESE GUYS TO PLAY.  Nobody.  When you're a young lad and want to play football, your parents have the right to say "no".  What's wrong with that?  Same thing, if you are an adult and choose to sign a collegiate letter of intent to play football at the University of Georgia, you have that right.  You also have the right to sign a contract with a professional football team of your choice as well, if you are so lucky.  However, you, as an adult,and a human being, have always got the right to say "no".  You don't have to be the quarterback of the Alabama Crimson Tide, or the Baltimore Ravens.  Nobody held a gun to Johnny Manziel's head when he signed with Texas A&M.  These players made CHOICE, and a conscientious one at that.

No doubt the game is dangerous, but I don't want to hear some millionaire ex-QB, analyst Terry Bradshaw bitch about the dangers of the game.  If you are to stupid to realize running head long into another human being for 60 repetitions a game is detrimental to the body over a 15 year career, then you deserve to have brain trauma.  The world is full of stupid people, and Bradshaw should simply thank the Lord that he wasn't a ditch digger.  The guy has made a killing of this violent game, yet balks at the rules committees for not thinking of the safety of the players.  If you want them to play flag football then create a flag football league Terry...sheesh.

Bye bye football!!!

As for the (that's my inner Rush Limbaugh coming out), who gives two shits about this guy's opinion on the game.  ESPN should be removed from every body's bookmark folder for even posting such a ridiculous story.  As coaches and fans, you should DEMAND no changes to the rules of the game, nobodies making these guys play.  Obama, as naive as he is, even stated that collegiate and younger players aren't smart enough to make their own decisions on the matter.  Just have a look-see:

Obama says he worries more about college players than those in the NFL because the pros have a union, are well-paid and are grown men.
"They can make some of these decisions on their own, and most of them are well-compensated for the violence they do to their bodies," Obama said of NFL players. "You read some of these stories about college players who undergo some of these same problems with concussions and so forth and then have nothing to fall back on. That's something that I'd like to see the NCAA think about."

If I was a collegiate recruit, I'd be pissed, that this man thinks I'm too stupid to make my own decisions.  That may be reading a bit between the lines, but given the track record of what our President thinks of the average American, I'd say it's right in line.  What the hell is the NCAA going to do about it that they haven't already done?  Hell, let's look at basketball, these guys get concussions from hitting the floor, should they play on foam?  How would that impact the game if they were to play on foam?  WAKE UP FOLKS!  The "pussification" of America comes from the top, and like they say "shit rolls downhill".  I think it's high time we as coaches and fans of this wonderful game stand up and so not no, but HELL NO to any rules changes in the game that advocate lessening of the violence.  Think about it...


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