Thursday, January 31, 2013

Football is Life Blog

When I started blogging over two years ago, I had no clue what I would be in for as far as popularity, would people read my stuff, or whatever folks get out of a blog, I had no clue?  I started doing it because I enjoy teaching, and having recently been fired, I wanted to still somewhat coach and teach.  At the time I started FILB I did not have a coaching job, nor did I think I'd ever coach again.  So it was a way to also help deal with that frustration.  As I kept writing, many folks emailed me and told me how they enjoyed my stuff, so I kept up with it and really enjoyed it.  In all, I guess I have really enjoyed the blog, but lately some things have come up, that, well...frankly, have pissed me off to the point of wondering why in the hell I do it.  To be frank, the 8-2-1 kickoff articles and the Two Gap/One Gap (TGOG) stuff have brought me much grief.  I will digress a bit and look back at FILB mission statement and go from there to help you understand where I'm coming from.

Like every good company, a blog should have a mission statement.  The mission of this blog is to discuss the various aspects of the game of football.  This could be anything from how TCU executes their Dog Blitz scheme to how a player or coach has had a profound impact on one another's lives.  This blog is truly dedicated to the best sport in the  I hope you'll enjoy, and by all means, please offer suggestions! 

That was the mission of FILB.  My direction I took with my posts was this, I wasn't going to post something I'd never run myself, or tried myself, or didn't have a first hand account of.  Brophy, Chris and Hoover, who are some of the BEST bloggers I know, have a format to their blog that offers up a lot of videos from clinic sources and cut ups from various games etc.  I didn't want to follow in their footsteps as I've never been a guy that's been afraid to be "different" (remember, I run the unbalanced single wing on offense!).  Anyhow, I wanted my format to be things I'd been close too.  Sure, I know all about the West Coast Offense and could write about it for days, but that's been done before.  I took it upon myself to share and explain schemes I'd been a part of, or around as either a player or a coach.  

That's different!

In doing so, I'm writing about a career that spans back to the early 90's, so I don't always have film, or playbooks or diagrams, and most of the time I'm writing from memory (which btw IS photographic if you haven't already picked up on that yet).  So, unlike some of the other sites where they have clinic film, or Patriot's cutups, I unfortunately do not.  Somehow, some of you have taken this to mean, that what I write is not valid, which has led to me shutting down FILB.  I'm not going to be accused of being a liar in my home, my work and on the Internet. There's nothing more than I despise than being a liar, and I will not be referred to one.  Some coaches have even gone so far as calling my schemes "Kool-Aid", which quite frankly is bullshit, but then again, I must remember we are afraid of the unknown.  I guess I should expect it, but some of these coaches are the very coaches who have suggested I write a book, or continue my work on the blog, or have even ASKED me to write about certain things on my blog.  Doesn't make sense to me does it to you?  So, I'm officially shutting down FILB, as I'm tired of having to put my resume online everyday on the Huey board or in emails about topics I've written.  I know the site says by invite only, but I'm not giving any out, at least not for right now.

Shut it down...

As for TGOG, since I'm not qualified to discuss this topic, in certain folks eyes, then I will not.  That includes on the Huey board. Sorry folks, but I'm tired of the bullshit, and quite frankly with me coaching now, I don't really need it.  Sorry for you die-hard fans, ya'll have been awesome, but frankly I'm a bit fed up right now.  I'm going to simmer a bit and think about it, but for now FILB is dead.