Thursday, January 31, 2013

Football is Life Blog

When I started blogging over two years ago, I had no clue what I would be in for as far as popularity, would people read my stuff, or whatever folks get out of a blog, I had no clue?  I started doing it because I enjoy teaching, and having recently been fired, I wanted to still somewhat coach and teach.  At the time I started FILB I did not have a coaching job, nor did I think I'd ever coach again.  So it was a way to also help deal with that frustration.  As I kept writing, many folks emailed me and told me how they enjoyed my stuff, so I kept up with it and really enjoyed it.  In all, I guess I have really enjoyed the blog, but lately some things have come up, that, well...frankly, have pissed me off to the point of wondering why in the hell I do it.  To be frank, the 8-2-1 kickoff articles and the Two Gap/One Gap (TGOG) stuff have brought me much grief.  I will digress a bit and look back at FILB mission statement and go from there to help you understand where I'm coming from.

Like every good company, a blog should have a mission statement.  The mission of this blog is to discuss the various aspects of the game of football.  This could be anything from how TCU executes their Dog Blitz scheme to how a player or coach has had a profound impact on one another's lives.  This blog is truly dedicated to the best sport in the  I hope you'll enjoy, and by all means, please offer suggestions! 

That was the mission of FILB.  My direction I took with my posts was this, I wasn't going to post something I'd never run myself, or tried myself, or didn't have a first hand account of.  Brophy, Chris and Hoover, who are some of the BEST bloggers I know, have a format to their blog that offers up a lot of videos from clinic sources and cut ups from various games etc.  I didn't want to follow in their footsteps as I've never been a guy that's been afraid to be "different" (remember, I run the unbalanced single wing on offense!).  Anyhow, I wanted my format to be things I'd been close too.  Sure, I know all about the West Coast Offense and could write about it for days, but that's been done before.  I took it upon myself to share and explain schemes I'd been a part of, or around as either a player or a coach.  

That's different!

In doing so, I'm writing about a career that spans back to the early 90's, so I don't always have film, or playbooks or diagrams, and most of the time I'm writing from memory (which btw IS photographic if you haven't already picked up on that yet).  So, unlike some of the other sites where they have clinic film, or Patriot's cutups, I unfortunately do not.  Somehow, some of you have taken this to mean, that what I write is not valid, which has led to me shutting down FILB.  I'm not going to be accused of being a liar in my home, my work and on the Internet. There's nothing more than I despise than being a liar, and I will not be referred to one.  Some coaches have even gone so far as calling my schemes "Kool-Aid", which quite frankly is bullshit, but then again, I must remember we are afraid of the unknown.  I guess I should expect it, but some of these coaches are the very coaches who have suggested I write a book, or continue my work on the blog, or have even ASKED me to write about certain things on my blog.  Doesn't make sense to me does it to you?  So, I'm officially shutting down FILB, as I'm tired of having to put my resume online everyday on the Huey board or in emails about topics I've written.  I know the site says by invite only, but I'm not giving any out, at least not for right now.

Shut it down...

As for TGOG, since I'm not qualified to discuss this topic, in certain folks eyes, then I will not.  That includes on the Huey board. Sorry folks, but I'm tired of the bullshit, and quite frankly with me coaching now, I don't really need it.  Sorry for you die-hard fans, ya'll have been awesome, but frankly I'm a bit fed up right now.  I'm going to simmer a bit and think about it, but for now FILB is dead.  


Monday, January 28, 2013

The Pussification of America...Directly From the White House...

Well whoop-dee-friggin'-doo!!!  I wish he'd get off his ass and go to work on the economy, rather than boo-hooing about the dangers of football.  Hey, just think, he's trying to keep more people out of his socialized health care, we know the lines are already going to be long enough, no need to have a bunch of damn football players hogging up the space in line with head injuries.  As you can tell, I think our socialist dictator of a President is absolutely terrible, and what on Earth does the man have anything to do with the game, need to comment on it?

He's not the only one though, and many folks, including players themselves are coming out about the dangers of the game of football.  First, think back to the time of gladiators if one of them would have come forward about the dangers of those games...uh, YOU FRIGGIN' DIED IF YOU LOST!!!  Now we are concerned about some grown men making millions (the gladiator got to eat for another night, and sleep in a nice dungeon) of dollars, living in extensive mansions having head injuries.  BULLSHIT!  These guys knew what they were getting into when they signed up for the NFL.  It's not different than the parent that says they don't know the dangers when they sign little Johnny up for T-ball.  One good shot off the tee into the temple and you've got a dead six year old on your hands.  Should we outlaw T-ball?  No, of course not, you are talking about the rarest of incidences.  Football is a violent game, and everything they are doing to take that violence away should be fought by those that embrace the game for what it is.  The reality of all of this, is NOBODY IS FORCING THESE GUYS TO PLAY.  Nobody.  When you're a young lad and want to play football, your parents have the right to say "no".  What's wrong with that?  Same thing, if you are an adult and choose to sign a collegiate letter of intent to play football at the University of Georgia, you have that right.  You also have the right to sign a contract with a professional football team of your choice as well, if you are so lucky.  However, you, as an adult,and a human being, have always got the right to say "no".  You don't have to be the quarterback of the Alabama Crimson Tide, or the Baltimore Ravens.  Nobody held a gun to Johnny Manziel's head when he signed with Texas A&M.  These players made CHOICE, and a conscientious one at that.

No doubt the game is dangerous, but I don't want to hear some millionaire ex-QB, analyst Terry Bradshaw bitch about the dangers of the game.  If you are to stupid to realize running head long into another human being for 60 repetitions a game is detrimental to the body over a 15 year career, then you deserve to have brain trauma.  The world is full of stupid people, and Bradshaw should simply thank the Lord that he wasn't a ditch digger.  The guy has made a killing of this violent game, yet balks at the rules committees for not thinking of the safety of the players.  If you want them to play flag football then create a flag football league Terry...sheesh.

Bye bye football!!!

As for the (that's my inner Rush Limbaugh coming out), who gives two shits about this guy's opinion on the game.  ESPN should be removed from every body's bookmark folder for even posting such a ridiculous story.  As coaches and fans, you should DEMAND no changes to the rules of the game, nobodies making these guys play.  Obama, as naive as he is, even stated that collegiate and younger players aren't smart enough to make their own decisions on the matter.  Just have a look-see:

Obama says he worries more about college players than those in the NFL because the pros have a union, are well-paid and are grown men.
"They can make some of these decisions on their own, and most of them are well-compensated for the violence they do to their bodies," Obama said of NFL players. "You read some of these stories about college players who undergo some of these same problems with concussions and so forth and then have nothing to fall back on. That's something that I'd like to see the NCAA think about."

If I was a collegiate recruit, I'd be pissed, that this man thinks I'm too stupid to make my own decisions.  That may be reading a bit between the lines, but given the track record of what our President thinks of the average American, I'd say it's right in line.  What the hell is the NCAA going to do about it that they haven't already done?  Hell, let's look at basketball, these guys get concussions from hitting the floor, should they play on foam?  How would that impact the game if they were to play on foam?  WAKE UP FOLKS!  The "pussification" of America comes from the top, and like they say "shit rolls downhill".  I think it's high time we as coaches and fans of this wonderful game stand up and so not no, but HELL NO to any rules changes in the game that advocate lessening of the violence.  Think about it...


The article sighted for this work can be found here.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The BCS...Bullshit Championship Series

Ahh, the look of domination
 Yep, that pretty much explains it.  After watching last night's 42-14 route of Notre Dame by Alabama, it was proven that the BCS does NOT work.  Yep, like a welfare recipient in New York City, it simply does not and will not work.  Notre Dame had garnered enough points to get into the title game, yes, however they did not deserve to be there.  Neither did Kansas State or Oregon in my opinion, although I do think those two teams would have fared a bit better than the Irish.  No, you got to witness two versions of the national championship game, when Alabama played LSU and when Alabama faced Georgia in the SEC Championship Game.  The evidence was completely clear, and it showed 100% last night why football needs to get rid of the bowls and go to a pure playoff system.

The announcers were what cracked me up the most, when trying to diagnose what was wrong, I kept hearing "Notre Dame has not done this all season".  Well, no shit Sherlock, they haven't played anybody!!!  Notre Dame is at BEST a Big 10 team, which has shown all of college football that it's a dormant league still stuck in the mid 90's.  Let's look at the Irish schedule and see just how "awesome" they were and why they didn't deserve to be there.

That guy...was confused

First the Irish trounced Navy, and all of you know I'm a Navy fan, but let's be honest, we all know this is a tune-up game, and wasn't even close.  They followed by barely beating an awful Purdue team.  Hell, I didn't even realize they still played football at Purdue until I saw them get trounced by Oklahoma State in the Heart of Dallas Bowl.  Michigan State was a viable opponent, but how relevant were the Spartans this season?  Not really, and again, it's a Big 10 team, so that doesn't really count as a "solid" opponent.  The Irish then turned around after their bye week and dominated a horrible Miami team.  Miami is so far gone from being relevant that you could consider this a Big 10 opponent, but when it comes to awful, are the ACC and the Big 10 really that far apart?  Apparently not.  The 20-13 win over Stanford, does stand out, however it's Pac 12 football, which is really only a cut above Big 10 and ACC football.  It took the Irish having to go to overtime against the Fighting Trees, but this was a good quality win.  Then, they go in against BYU, and barely beat the Cougars.  Now, BYU is usually scrappy, but c'mon, are you kidding me?  The win at Oklahoma may seem significant, but it's not.  Yes, it's Big 12 football, however OU is so overrated due to history they are almost like the Notre Dame of the south.  I don't think this is as big a win as the one was over Stanford, as most of the top tier teams in the SEC would have owned OU.  Then comes the Pitt game.  Pitt couldn't even beat lowly ol' Ole Miss.  It takes 3 overtime sessions to wear down the mighty Panthers...hmm...writing on the wall should've been right here.  Then to only beat Boston College by 15, should've sent a red flag up.  Has BC ever been relevant?  Oh, yeah, back when Flutie Flakes was there I guess they were decent, but anyhow.  The next week, they blow out Wake Forest...woop-tee-doo!  Then they beat the USC Trojans, which, let's face it, were probably 10 times as overrated as the Irish were last night.  Ok, so now let's look at Alabama's schedule and compare.

This guy's draft stock just went down...way down...

Alabama started off with a bang by destroying one of the Big 12's better teams in the Michigan Wolverines to start the season.  This game was awful, and it was dominated by the Crimson Tide.  Ok, so the next week they wreck WKU in a tune-up game, hey, they can't all be winners right?  Arkansas wasn't as quality of a win as it should've been, but only Petrino left, the players he recruited were still there, so they weren't just playing the Little Sisters of the Poor here.  Got to admit FAU was a pretty weak choice too on the schedule, but a smart move by Bama because it was a long road to Miami this season.  I think the win over Ole Miss was bigger than people think.  I mean, the Rebels were 7-6 and looked very good in their bowl game in Coach Freeze's first season at the helm there.  They did do some things to the Tide that had them reeling at one point, but Alabama's talent and coaching prevailed.  Missouri was introduced, roughly to the SEC, and though they are a conference opponent, Mizzou is only an average Big 12 team, so this isn't much better than beating say Purdue or Michigan State, or Northwestern.  Tennessee was as awful as I've ever seen them, but it's still SEC caliber athletes out there competing, so I would rank this higher than say Notre Dame's win over Wake Forest.  The domination of Mississippi State really surprised me.  I mean, the Bulldogs may have been a bit overrated, but you've got to admit, Dan Mullen's got some players down there, and this game should've been closer, but it's a good quality win for the Tide in my opinion.  The dogfight that broke out on the bayou was as good a game as I've seen all season, and it really took a toll on the Tide as they lost the next week to Texas A&M.  I think Bama beats the Aggies, if there was a bye week or a patsy in there, but hey, this is the SEC, you've got to win, week in and week out.  Yes, LSU laid an egg in their bowl game, but you can't deny the Tigers were a damn talented football team this year.  I know the results of last nights game wouldn't be all that much different if it were LSU in Alabama's spot.  Do we even need to count Western Carolina or Auburn.  Auburn was so bad, I'm not sure they'd have competed in the ACC this season!  The win over Georgia though, in the SEC Championship Game was an extremely good win for Bama.  They dominated the Bulldogs up front, and Georgia showed exactly why they deserved to be there.  That was one damn fine football game. 

So let's look even deeper here and compare the good games that I think all the analysts say defined each team.  Stanford, USC, and Oklahoma were all people like that moron Colin Cowherd could talk about and how much of a quality win it was for the Irish.  Really?  USC got beat by a non bowl eligible Georgia Tech (remember they had to petition to be there), and OU was owned by Texas A&M.  Yes, Stanford won the Rose Bowl and beat Oregon this year, so that is by far Notre Dame's best win of the season.  Alabama's top wins are LSU, Georgia and Michigan.  LSU fell to Clemson in their bowl game, but a good 90% of the country knows Clemson wanted to be there and LSU didn't.  You play that game during the regular season and Clemson forfeits the rest of the year due to lack of participation.  Georgia was a super solid win in that they came out and beat Nebraska in their bowl game and did it by two scores nonetheless.  The Michigan game is of major consequence too, as they the Wolverines almost upset South Carolina in that bowl game, which by the way, the Gamecocks beat those ol' Georgia Bulldogs earlier in the season. 

My point is this, Notre Dame didn't play anybody.  Hell, if you don't play in the SEC you don't really play that tough of a schedule.  The SEC is a week to week grind, that not just any average team can do.  To be quite honest we have Nick Saban to thank for that.  When he was at LSU he set the bar high, and now look what he's done in Alabama.  The other little secret the rest of the country hasn't figured out is that it's the speed in the south that makes us so dangerous.  I don't mean speed at DB and WR, or RB, I'm talking the speed of the big boys.  The OL, DL and LB's in the SEC can run with most leagues WR's and RB's.  Look at Everett Goldson last night, known as an elite runner/scrambler.  By the time he decided to pull the ball down, it was too late.  This game looked all too familiar (Florida-Ohio State or LSU-Ohio State) in the SEC BCS beat down.  This is why there must be a playoff system.  How do you let a Notre Dame team in this game without them even playing for a conference championship?  We don't do it in high school football, so why major college football?  It is amazing how stupid people get over money. 

Anyhow, I know this will piss most folks off north of the Mason-Dixon, but then again, if I gave two shits I wouldn't have written it...