Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Triple Option Volume 9

Hello Bowl Season!!!!!  One of my favorite times of the year, and I will even go through with a special "Bowl Prediction Series" at the end.  However, it's time for the Triple Option, now on Volume no. 9.

The Give
You HAVE GOT to feel for Marcus Lattimore.  I mean, what terrible luck for such a good-hearted guy.  Two, yes, count them, two major, season-ending knee injuries in less than a year, and we only wonder why this guy has decided to head for the NFL.  The thing that bothers me is that there are people out there even questioning this decision.  Look, if you are one of those boneheads, let me explain it to you.  Most NFL backs, IF they are lucky, get 10 seasons.  I doubt Lattimore will last that long with what he's been through.  I know Willis McGahee has had some success in the league after his knee injury, but let's be honest, he does seem to have slowed a step from the back he was at the "U".  All backs go through this, even the great ones such as Barry Sanders or Emmitt Smith.  The pounding these guys take is just too much, and they simply do not last.  Another year in college, would do nothing to help the stock of Lattimore.  I mean, if he comes back, it will take him into next season to become 100 percent (assuming he comes back).  With that being said, the doubters will already be coming out of the woodwork.  So why not go to the NFL?  I see no reason, however I think the hard realization is that nobody's going to draft him.  Now I'm not saying he won't get in, oh contrary.  Lattimore will not only get in, but I'm pretty sure he'll play again, yet, I think he will be undrafted.  That is an awful large sum of money to throw around on a set of legs that has seen that much damage in just 2 short seasons.  I can't see myself as an NFL owner wanting to throw around that kind of cash for "damaged goods".  I do think Lattimore will be fine, and who knows, he could have one hell of a run in the NFL, but for right now, I sure do feel for that young man.  Good luck with your future Marcus, college football will certainly miss you.

The Keep
Johnny Manziel wins the Heisman, as Collin Klein and Manti Te'o stood by watching.  No doubt this was a historic moment as Manziel became the first, first year player to win the prestigious award.  My question is, where is the love for the defense?  Defensive players get such a bad wrap nowadays, it's almost shameful to even put them in the voting.  I know, I know, hush!  Sure, the Heisman is for the best college football player, but I really look at the way things are voted on with this, and it gives me flashes of analysts stating that Dan Marino was not an elite QB because he'd never won a Super Bowl.  To this I call bullshit on!  Manti Te'o is an outstanding defensive player, and he should have been in NY that night, but it seems as though the voting has always been a little lopsided.  I mean, Charles Woodson would have NEVER been on that podium in 1997 had it not been for the fact he was an electrifying punt returner.  However, both Klein and Te'o's stats waned late in the season, and Manziel did nothing but become electrifying when he defeated the mighty juggernaut Alabama in Tuscaloosa.  Funny, nobody remember the Florida Gators shutting down ol' Johnny Football on a warm September afternoon in College Station!

The Pitch
Ok, I'm going to go through my bowl selections, I got a 20 spot riding on this, so if you see any major flaws in my game, hit me up at footballislifeblog@yahoo.com.  Here goes:

  • New Mexico Bowl: Arizona by 7
  • Saint Petersburg Bowl:  UCF by 6
  • New Orleans Bowl: Louisiana Lafayette by 14
  • Las Vegas Bowl: Boise State by 4
  • Poinsettia Bowl: BYU by 3
  • Hawaii Bowl: Fresno State by 16
  • Little Cesar's Bowl: Western KY by 7
  • Meineke Car Care Bowl: Texas Tech. by 20
  • Military Bowl: San Jose State by 11
  • Music City Bowl: Vandy by 7
  • Independence Bowl: Louisiana Monroe by 6
  • Pinstripe Bowl: WVU by 19
  • Russell Athletic Bowl: Va Tech by 4
  • Potato Bowl: Utah State by 20
  • Holiday Bowl: UCLA by 2
  • Armed Forces Bowl: AFA by 2
  • Sun Bowl: USC by 4
  • Belk Bowl: Cincy by 10
  • Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl: TCU by 1
  • Chick-Fil'-A Bowl: LSU by 2
  • Outback Bowl: SC by 3
  • Capital One Bowl: UGA by 11
  • Gator Bowl: Miss. State by 1
  • Rose Bowl: Stanford by 5
  • Sugar Bowl: Florida by 17
  • Heart of Dallas Bowl: OSU by 14
  • GoDaddy.com Bowl: Arkansas St by 5
  • Cotton Bowl: Texas A&M by 3
  • Liberty Bowl: ISU by 4
  • Alamo Bowl: Texas by 4
  • Fiesta Bowl: Oregon by 5
  • Orange Bowl: FSU by 16
  • Compass Bowl: Ole Miss by 6
  • Fight Hunger Bowl: Navy by 3
  • BCS National Championship Game: Alabama by 9

So how'd I do?