Monday, October 29, 2012

Triple Option Volume Six

I know it has been some time since Volume Five was released, but I've been a busy little bee coaching my team towards our first ever league championship in school history.  In fitting fashion we had a bump in the road losing the 2nd of our two game skit with who we were tied for first place in the league last Thursday night.  Today we will be playing one quarter of football to determine who wins the league championship outright.  Should be a pretty good game!  Anyhow, here's some of the random useless thoughts that have been tumbling through my brain over the past few weeks.

The Give
Can anyone have any worse luck than Marcus Lattimore?  I feel for the guy, I really do.  I even feel for Spurrier and Lattimore's Gamecock teammates.  This is two years in a row that Lattimore has succumbed to a season-ending knee injury.  I know both injuries were gruesome, but one has to wonder, is there something physically going on here, or is it really just that bad of luck?  If you are squeamish, don't watch the next two video clips, for fear of puking on your keyboard!  My hat's off to Lattimore, what a setback, but you know I have a feeling we'll see him put on that Gamecock uniform next season.  I would have to wonder what his future is going to look like though, as I thought it took him at least three or four games to get back into the swing of things this season.  Would anyone say the NFL is out?

The Keep
Well, my little defense has really struggled this season basing out of the 46.  We did good last season, and the top reason why was we faced only 1 team that used a TE and they only did that in certain situations.  This season, all of a sudden we see a TE on half of our snaps, and my poor seven technique SS can't handle it.  Now I love the Bear, but that seven technique is a bitch of a position to play.  I don't really have anybody that can do what's required of that position, so I went scrambling, and what I came up with is a pretty sound youth version of the 4-2-5 that helped us out in the last three games (which the opponent used a TE on every snap).  I will post more over at the Football Is Life blog once we are done with the season, but I have to say I think this will be a version of my 4-2 that many youth coaches can come to use as it's not just the traditional 4-2 you read about being run at the high school and college level.  This 4-2 has a bit of TCU, and a bit of Wide Tackle 6 involved in it.  What I love about the game of football is that necessity is the mother of all invention and it never fails as when my back is against the wall, I show my best creativity.  Well, I'm know going to take all my scratch pads and napkin drawings and going to put them into a playbook I can share with other youth coaches.  Hopefully it will help some guys out as I think it's a solid defense and really helped my guys play fast.  Stay tuned to the Football is Life Blog for more information.

The Pitch
If anyone watched the Florida-Georgia game this past weekend you saw EXACTLY what I've been preaching about Will Muschamp's Gators.  They are undisciplined and sloppy, and Muschamp is too quick to praise these guys, even when they don't play well.  I'm trying to like Muschamp, I really am, but when the guy sits on the Will Muschamp show on Sundays and says he's proud of his guys for playing hard, and doesn't point out that they were sloppy and undisciplined, I have to get a case of the red-ass.  At least Spurrier tells it like it is.  The reason the Gators will not be in Atlanta this season is due to being undisciplined.  Too many penalties and too many guys trying to be the hero instead of being the worker bee.  Jordan Reed's got to be pointed out here as making one of the stupidest plays in all of Florida football history when he tries to leap in from beyond the five yard line.  Really?  Florida had Georgia right where they wanted them, they could not stop the run and the Florida offense was moving the ball, and then a selfish act turns into the game ending play that sealed Florida's fate.  Now, the missed tackle on the touchdown before was also pretty pathetic too.  I mean, if this really is a high caliber team like everyone was thinking, then YOU DON'T MISS THOSE TACKLES IN BIG BALL GAMES!!!!!  Yet Muschamp is proud of the way his Gators played.  If he is TRULY proud, then we have the second coming of Ron Zook on our hands, no doubt.  If he's lying about it, just to sound good on T.V., then shame on Barack Muschamp for being a liar.  Either way Gator fans, don't anoint Muschamp just yet, he's got great talent, and an excellent coaching staff, but his leadership is in question, and the lack of it came pouring through the cracks last Saturday afternoon in Jacksonville.

I believe my own bullshit!