Thursday, September 20, 2012

Triple Option Volume 3

Well, here we go, been a while, figured I'd give you another dose of my famous Triple Option segment!  I know the posting has been few and far between, but remember, I've had to take over for a sick friend and I haven't been a head coach in sometime now.  I'm a bit overwhelmed at the moment as this completely caught me unaware and unprepared.  Anyhow, I've got a few minutes, figured I'd share some things with you.

The Give
Did Peyton Manning ever look pedestrian in last Monday night's outing?!  Three picks in the first quarter!  My hat's off to Atlanta though for doing a great job of disguising coverages and playing with a TON of fire.  I thought they really got after it, and made Denver's life miserable.

Which leads me to my point, is Manning back?  Sure Jon Gruden, with his chopped up WTF haircut, must have said "Manning is not 100%" about 20 times last Monday night, but my question is, why is he starting then?  After the performance Manning put on, Tebow couldn't have been much worse.  I think Elway has hung his nuts out to dry here as if the Manning experiment does't work out, he's going to look exactly like the pretentious douche-bag he is. 

I can't say what I'd rather see, Manning fail, or Manning succeed.  I've always liked Manning, but can't stand Elway, as I think he's pretty much the definition of asshole.  Anyhow, if things don't get better soon, who's to blame, Elway or Manning?  How can you blame the coach, I mean, how much more coaching does a Peyton Manning really need?  I say if this thing gets ugly, look out, you know Elway will throw Fox under the bus!

The Keep
College football is in full swing!  My Florida Gators have been impressive early on, but some tough tests lie ahead.  I do tend to agree with most though, this is NOT the Gator team from a year ago.  This group is fairly physical and the fourth quarter is where they are shining  instead of flopping this season.

I told you we'd be tougher!

Notre Dame has also looked very impressive in the early goings here.  Coach Kelly's ability to stick with a program into its third year just proves you have to give some things a bit more time, when it comes to success.  Not sure three years would be allowed at Florida, USC, or Alabama, however in Notre Dame's case it was needed. 

Am I the only one who things Lane Kiffin is College Football's biggest asshole?  I mean really, this guy is quite the prick.  From what he did at Tennessee (which they've never fully recovered) to how he handles himself in the media is quite alarming.  I don't see what folks see in this guy either, to me, all he has is a famous last name.  USC's fall from grace did make me chuckle, as Stanford simply out muscled USC to quite the embarrassment of Kiffin.  Then Kiffin goes on record taking pot shots at his quarterback Matt Barkley.  Now that's what I call high class.  I think the Kiffin experiment if fixing to take a downward spiral and I can't wait to be there when it comes crashing to the ground.

Speaking of Tennessee, the Volunteer's signal caller look absolutely abysmal in last weeks 37-20 defeat to Florida.  Bray has everything but the mind of a good quarterback.  I don't know if he'll make it on Sundays, as he has the makings of the next Ryan Leaf!  All the talent, but does not have the mental capacity or intestinal fortitude to stand in the pocket and make plays when his team needs him the most.  So where does one draft a choke artist in the NFL draft?

This upcoming week should be a barn burner between Clemson and Florida State.  FSU is on FIRE, but to be honest they really haven't played anybody.  I want to see what they can do against a team like Clemson, which is no Alabama or LSU, but the Tigers are pretty dang athletic.  This should be a damn good football game.

The Pitch
I watched a local high school football game a couple of weeks ago and noticed that the team came out in what amounted to an 8-2-1 kickoff return scheme.  I had only seen such a look when teams would go with their hands team expecting the onside kick.  The other interesting thing about this scheme was that as the ball was being kicked, the KOR team shuffled back just like a DB or a basketball player would.  The blocks were not vicious, however they were exceptionally effective.  I filmed all but one KOR team with my Flip video and the stats were as follows:
  • The KOR team received the ball on average at their own 9 yard line.
  • The KOR team provided the offense with an average field position of it's own 42 yard line.
Now obviously one long return could warp these stats, but there weren't any long returns at all.  The longest return of the night went 40 yards.  What I was impressed with is the percentage of players who were making contact with their defender and staying with him, without having to execute a physically demanding block.  It was almost as if they were just in man to man coverage and only blocked when their defender attempted to cross face. 

I have some video, and I know the coaching staff quite well at this school, so I think I will have a nice post up here in a bit over at Football is Life.  Keep in tune there for more information on the 8-2-1 KOR scheme!


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

9/11/01...Where were you?

I was in between jobs and actually working for my dad at the time doing a job off a rural road when I got the news.  A local landowner stopped by our truck and asked if we'd heard that somebody flew a plane into the WTC.  While he was talking about that one, the second plane hit and reports came across his radio.  At that moment I knew that was no accident.  Within the hour rumors were coming in about bombings and buildings collapsing etc.  We packed up and went back to the office where we watched it on T.V.  What a horrific sight to see, and I can tell you this those images are forever burned into my mind. 

I was helping coach a youth league at the time, and I remember going to practice that day, only to find out it had been cancelled.  I remember going to practice the next day and having all those little ones asking questions about what had happened (they were 9-11 year olds).  That was pretty tough, trying to keep those little ones from worrying, and asking all these graphic questions.  It was quite amazing to what knowledge they DID have about the subject.  I remember almost feeling helpless in trying to explain the situation.

We played on Saturdays and the Thursday prior to our game, the league voted to cancel all games.  I remember being quite aggrevated, because in my mind, we had let those terrorists win.  They did EXACTLY what they wanted to do, and brought us to our knees.  I thought playing the game would help the kids, remember that no matter how bad it gets, life goes on.  I wasn't in charge, but many an ear burned from those exact same comments.

What I didn't realize, until last night, while watching a program entitled "9/11, The Hours Afterward", was that how united this country became after such a tragedy.  The statement on the show was that the attacks did something no government, or political leader had ever done in this country and that was to unite the people.  Lines at Red Cross facilities across the country overflowed with people looking to donate blood.  I remember seeing that, and being quite amazed at all the unity.

Anyhow, just a little blurb about where I was on that horrific day, I thought I'd share with you.  No doubt we have moved on, but the important thing is that we NEVER FORGET...


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Triple Option-Volume 2

The Give
Connor Shaw of South Carolina gave one of the gutsiest performances I've seen in a long time in college football.  As of yesterday the doctors at USC were saying he could barely even lift his throwing arm.  Sure it could have an impact on the season, but the young man gutted it out and helped his teammates secure a win against pesky Vanderbilt.  Now, if I'm the Head Ball Coach, I'm going to try to get my starting QB to understand he's not Tim Tebow and quit running around the field and make some plays with your arm instead of your legs.  Anyhow, you still have to admire what a gutsy performance that young man had last Thursday night.

The Keep
Here are the 5 reasons why Will Muschamp must go...
  1. Florida players lack fundamentals as evidenced in last weeks EMBARRASSING win against Bowling Green.  Florida players did not tackle well at all.  Bowling Green ran the GT counter, one of football's most basic plays, like DC Dan Quinn had never seen it before. The QB's throwing abilities are there, but the fundamental of setting the feet and delivering are not there.  All of this stuff is basic fundamentals that are not being taught.
  2. The fake punt is the 2nd in the past 2 seasons, and the failure of the STC to see the flaw in his scheme is undaunting.  Last season Brad Wing of LSU did the exact same thing we saw this past Saturday in The Swamp.  Florida uses a man protection scheme and do not leave a player back to spy the punter...that's bush league, and Muschamp's gotta go.
  3. The penalties!  This area is where Muschamp's teams and Ron Zook's teams look so utterly familiar.  How many times have we watched Gator teams make play after play only to have it negated by some stupid penalty.  Jordan Reed jumps offsides twice while lined up at split receiver, and the Gators has 3 false start penalties on split receivers.  This, Mr. unacceptable. 
  4. The yelling.  Muschamp is not a motivator through building players up, he has to cut them down, and this clearly is not fitting in to well for the Gator players.  It's one thing to be Nick Saban and yell at a player, but if your Will Muschamp, you need to get the kids fighting for you before you verbally bash them on national television.  I'm all for chewing a little ass, but Muschamp takes it a bit too far, and for that Muschamp must go.
  5. I'm all for patience, but Muschamp has had an entire off season to get this team better and it appears that time has been wasted.  What we saw on Saturday was not nerves or pre-season jitters, it was a football team that lacked the fundamentals needed to play the game of football, as well as lacking any clear motivation.  I'm hoping they prove me wrong this Saturday against Texas A&M, however, I think the Aggies introduction to the SEC will be one folks will talk about, because I think the Aggies beat the Gators and beat them badly.  For this, Will Muschamp must go...

Some coaches are great coordinators, but not good when it comes to head coaching.  I think Jeremey Foley hired a great coordinator, and a terrible head coach.  For this, Will Muschamp must go...

The Pitch
Paul Johnson has got to be one of the best adjustment coaches in the business.  If you are playing his teams you must always feel uneasy, ESPECIALLY if things are going your way.  Reason is, the tables are fixing to be turned against you.  Last night was a clear example of this as on the first 2 series against Virginia Tech, the Rambling Wreck utilized their trips and base formations only.  In the 3rd series however they were able to come out in 3 man surface formation by stepping the slot up on the LOS forcing Virginia Tech to give them a 3 technique to run midline at.  When midline did not work, Johnson took to running toss, and the perimeter blocking by GT's slots and receivers was phenomenal.  Sure, GT lost the game, but you have to admit, they came in against an opponent that was higher ranked than themselves, played in a hostile environment and took the Hokies down to the wire. 

Triple Pass
An added tidbit here, is it just me, or does the triple option look very mediocre when teams have longer than a week to practice for it?  I was even thinking of doing some research, when the season is over, on this very topic.  If anyone has any tips about this stat, let me know by emailing me at