Thursday, August 2, 2012

Douche Bags

Lovely title isn't it?  I had to rant though and douche bags are the topic on the 12th man today.  I have always been a heavy poster on the Huey board, and here lately the garbage that has been coming on there is ridiculous.  Coaches asking "How much man coverage do you run?" or "What's the best front to defend the option?", or "No linemen, what do I do?" have driven me to my ever-loving last straw.  Wake up idiots!  You know, reading is really an underrated skill set, we humans need to get back.  How the hell do you think those of us that you are asking these stupid questions learned what we are telling you?  I'll be dammed, we READ it!  It seems nobody knows how to use the search function anymore and everyone is wanting someone to give them an "instant" solution to their problem.  It's not Coach Huey's fault, heck no, he can't have an "idiot filter" on his site.  I'm not taking shots at the site here, I'm taking shots at the douche bag coaches who can't learn something on their own and want to be spoon fed by the coaches on there that actually know football!

I had one guy PM me over 40 times with questions he could have easily found answers to on that board.  The day and age of wanting to get answers immediately is killing us.  I learned Quarters coverage from reading a book and watching install videos.  Sure I talked to some coaches, but only after I had read up on the basics.  Same things goes with about everything I've learned.  I take it upon MYSELF to do the learning and then if I need some of the finer points clarified, I will talk to other coaches. Don't expect coaches to just spoon feed you information, and not get aggravated when you've PM'ed somebody 40 times. 

Can you teach me to football?
Look, I like helping people who are genuinely in need of it.  I enjoy answering the questions that are legitimate ones, but they are few and far between now on the Huey board.  So listen up douche bags, learn to use the search function, and do some damn research on your own!

Wow, my first rant on the 12th Man Blog felt good, I might have to do more of these...NOT!  This is a spur of the moment thing, and will not be a "norm" here I promise.  Hell, I think I'm just getting that preseason itch, and ready to get back on the practice field.  We start one week from this Monday, and it cannot come soon enough!