Thursday, July 12, 2012

Friday Triple Option

Sorry about the week off, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do!  A man needs a vacation every now and then...right?!

The Give
Well, last week was awesome, got to spend some much needed time with the wife AND got to go to a FREE FOOTBALL CLINIC!  What's better than that.  The first part is something that does need some elaboration on, especially since I've even seen a few posts on the Huey board about spouses and what football can do to relationships.  Number one rule to remember is "If momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy".  If you can live by that, then you should be ok, but here are some things for some of the married coaches out there to figure out.

First, you need to find a woman that understands YOUR love for the game.  This might seem selfish, but in the end it will save you a bunch of headaches.  I have a good friend, who I have coached a while, whose wife was P.I.A. when it came to my buddy's coaching duties.  She never understood why that time of year he was gone more and had to do all this "stuff" when he should be home tending to her (I guess).  Anyhow, the problem was that the foundation was not laid early on that this was how it was going to be.  Football season can be a demanding time on a relationship, and your spouse/partner should be notified from the get-go. 

This is not to say you can't spend time with your significant other though during football season.  I always made it a point on Wednesday night my wife and I went out on our "date night".  This didn't have to be some luxurious, romantic, dinner and a movie, but could simply be drinks at a local bar, a nice meal at a decent local restaurant, or some take out and a movie at home.  The biggest thing is that you take time out of that crazy "in-season" schedule to show the one you love you still love them and are thinking about them.  This is not hard if you and your partner simply plan on this, and try to have date night the same night of every week.  Again, keep it simple, you can save the lavish ideas for AFTER football season.

Lastly, never put the game above a loved one.  The game has survived decades, but we are only on this rock for so long, remember, the game of football doesn't keep the other side of the bed heated on those cold nights!  For those that can't let go of the game, my advice, date, don't get married.  Once you have the ability to let go a bit, then search for your significant other.  Many coaches go through divorce for this very reason.  I remember in my first years as an assistant coach, there's no way I could have been married.  I was football 24/7, and that would not have suited even my wife (who is VERY pro football).

The Keep
Speaking of free clinic, WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU?!  We had a great time, had some great hospitality from our buddy over on the Huey board OJW and his family.  There was also some great knowledge tossed around that  many of you  missed.  Hopefully we'll be able to get some of Coach Hoover's video of my ugly mug explaining 4-2-5 coverages and Two Gap/One Gap (TGOG) run fits vs. the spread online here soon. 
Which leads me to my next point, football is about people.  Us as coaches often forget this, and it's truly a shame.  Football has always, and always will be about people.  Whether it's the kids you coach, or the coaches you oversee or work with or for.  A coaches true ability lies in how he works with people.  This free clinic was a great way to network with some new coaches and catch up on things with some old coaches (NO OJW I wasn't referring to you). 

I think networking is very important in the coaching world.  Forums like the Huey board have opened up some connections for me I might not otherwise have had.  Who knows what these connections can lead to in the future.  A job interview, a new head coaching gig, fundraising ideas, the sky is the limit, when it comes to networking with your colleagues. 

Anyhow, we had a damn good time, ate some excellent food and enjoyed some great fellowship.  That's exactly what a good football clinic should entail...oh yeah, we talked some football too!  We also learned a new term for the single wing offense...the Power Shotgun!  Special thanks to OJW for letting that one leak out! 

The Pitch
Season is around the corner and will be here before you know it.  Have you dotted all your i's and crossed all your t's?  I know I still have some stuff to do before the start of the season.  Some things I'm working on for the upcoming season at my job are listed below.  If you see an area where you think you can help, give me a shout at

  1. Finding ways in the 46 Nickel to use my Noseguard's athleticism in coverage, blitzing, and linebacking.  He's good, really good, probably the second or third best athlete on the team for me.  Problem is, everybody in our league knows this from last season, and they will be waiting for him.  I want to give him more ways to attack an offense so that the offense doesn't always know where he'll be.  What I'm looking at you ask?  I'm looking at the Double Eagle Flex stuff (though not having much luck finding anything) and looking at the old Eagle Five Linebacker Defense of Fritz Shurmur.  Any thoughts?
  2. Punt block!  Haven't blocked one in a while and really looking for a good scheme.  Most teams in our league struggle to get the snap back to the punter, so there is no reason we shouldn't be blocking some punts this season.
  3. Improving our kickoff coverage.  We struggle finding a kicker, so I'm buying in to this onside every time stuff.  However, it's not as simple as it seems, and I was wondering if any youth coaches could weigh in on what they do.
  4. Installing and understanding the Single Wing Offense.  I only THOUGHT I knew the offense until I got Dave Cisar's stuff.  Man, this offense is quite the pill, and the kids are loving it, but I'm always nervous when installing some new stuff.  Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
That's about all I got left to go over before the season.  What does your list look like?  If you need some information on schemes etc., look at my other blog, Football is Life and check out any area that might help you.  Don't see what you need, shoot me an email and we'll talk.  Hey, sharing information and ideas is how we get better!

Have a great weekend folks!