Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Whole Peyton Manning/Tim Tebow Thing...

Tim who?

I don't normally care much for Pro Football, but with this topic (and being a Gator fan), I have to say, it looks like John Elway got this one wrong.  Now, I  may eat these words in a few months from now, but just looking at things from the outside, I see a hollow deal here.  First, I've never been impressed with paying 96 million for five years on a QB that, frankly, I don't think has five years left in his contract.  Does anyone else NOT think this is a huge blunder?  I mean, Manning has had two neck surgeries in his career already, so who's to think this spinal issue is over?  I think Elway is mortgaging the teams future on a bad debt.  I may be wrong, and only time will tell.

That should serve as a warning...

Also, why trade Tim Tebow?  Sure, you don't need two starting QB's, but is Tim really a starter?  Doesn't look like he's going to be one in New York either.  I really like what they plan for Tim in New York, and I think somebody could win a lot of games with this guy on their roster.  Mainly because his attitude and work ethic is contagious.  Who the hell wouldn't want that on their roster?  I think a dangerous weapon would be to have had Manning running the Bronco's conventional offense and then move to the Wildcat/Spread stuff to keep the defense off balance.  For those that think the ego thing wouldn't work, stuff it!  Both Peyton Manning and Tebow are very humble individuals.  I think they could co-exist.  So why is Elway such a jackass?  Why?  Well, John Elway is really no smarter than Terry Bradshaw, and this "moving of the cards" shows why. 

Tim Tebow has been a champion EVERYWHERE he's been.  Two state tittles in high school, two national titles in college, two SEC championships in college.  I'd want that guy on my roster.  Sure, he was surrounded by great players, and good coaches, but any guy who plays the second half of a game with a broken leg and throws two TD's and runs for one more while coming in on goal line defense as a tackle, can line up and play SOMEWHERE for me! 

Peyton Manning on the other hand, is damn near the modern day Dan Marino.  Thank God for Manning that he does have at least one Superbowl ring, because if not, the "Curse of the Marino" would be hanging over his head like the fog in San Francisco Bay.  Manning never won a National Championship, only played for and won one SEC Championship, and for some reason....NEVER beat the Florida Gators.  In the NFL, Manning has had a brilliant career, but the "big game" scenario has not always suited him well.  What I'm hinting at here, Peyton doesn't bring with him the intangibles that Tebow does.  The other thing is that by having both of them on the same team, you get the best of both worlds as far as "intangibles" are concerned.  Manning is a charismatic leader whereas Tebow is fire-and-brimstone.  Who wouldn't want these two guys on their roster.  Oh yeah...Johnny, Elway. 

I will never understand some of the moves made in the NFL, nor do I want to, remember this is just my opinion and you've read this far!  Anyhow, I think Elway goofed, and Denver is one injury to Manning away from NOT seeing the playoffs this year.  New York has added quality to their roster, and only time will tell if the likes of Rex Ryan and Tony Sparano will f#@k this up or not.  Anyhow, I think I would still feel better knowing I was wearing green and white this fall as my uniform.