Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Huey Board

When I first joined the Huey board in 2006, I had no idea what I was in for.  Since then, I've had over 4700 post, 2000 private messages and I can't seem to NOT keep going back. Of course that was Coach Huey's idea when he started the site, and his marketing genius has definitely targeted me and kept me coming back for more.  I've been wanting to write a piece about the Huey board for a while, because in my opinion, that forum, is the the number one resource we as coaches have going for us today.  I have gotten so many schemes, met and networked with coaches, shared my knowledge of the game, and occasionally pissed off other members (only have had one post deleted though, so I guess that's the same as only going to the Principal's office once in your lifetime).  In all those years using that forum, I can't tell you the value of a tool that is available at our fingertips everyday.

Probably the top reason I like, no LOVE the site is that I have met some really good coaches on there.  The first guy I really interacted with is a crazy old-schooler, who's user name is outlawjoseywales.  OJW, to those that know him, helped me cut my teeth on the under front, and showed me the light when using it to defend the wing-t offense.  Since then, he and I have actually met, and have had numerous phone conversations, none of which has been any shorter than an hour!

Another guy I met on there is Coach Hoover, who has an awesome football blog as well.  I got into blogging because of Coach Hoover and another guy on there, Brophy.  Hoover asked me to write a piece on defending the flexbone offense, with my topic being middle linebacker play in the 4-3 defense.  I was honored to say the least, and to be honest (I'm sure Hoov doesn't know this), that one post kicked off my writing career (though I would use the term career loosely).  Since then I have developed the Football is Life blog, and now this blog The 12th Man.  Where else can you meet folks like this that not only give you schematic advice, but can inspire you to make a move in your career to switch directions.  Most don't know this, but at the time I wrote that post on defending the flexbone, I had been let go at a school and didn't know if I was going to be coaching anymore (thankfully I am).  I was in a place I'd never been before, and writing helped to ease the pain.  So for that, I have not only Coach Hoover to thank, but also have Coach Huey to thank.

Speaking of Brophy, he and I couldn't stand each other at the beginning, and have now become friends.  You won't find a site full of more information about the game of football than Brophy's site.  Brophy turned me on to Nickel defenses and helped me make the move from the 4-3 to the 4-2-5.  I have to say, some people find Brophy's bluntness a big turn off, but I can tell you this, he's helped me on way more than one occasion.  Again, if it weren't for Coach Huey's ingenious forum, we would probably never have met.

Another coach I've networked with on the Huey site is Vassdiddy.  Vass, as we call him, messaged me about defending the flexbone.  He called me one night and I think the conversation lasted around four hours!  This past November we met up in a small town outside of Orlando and me, Vass, OJW, and Coach Hoover cliniced for the better part of a day (Hoov and I didn't leave until around 11 that night, after getting there around 11 that morning).  Once again, none of this would be possible if it weren't for the Huey Board.  Vass has given me a ton of information and has some great insight as well as a unique drive to him that makes him a successful coach.  I'm glad to have met him, and without a forum to do that on, I wouldn't know him.

Another member on the Huey board is jgordon.  J is the guy that pushed me to write my book on the flexbone (still in the works, but getting REAL close).  Jgordon and I have shared ideas on defense for quite some time now.  Even though he and I have some differing points, we always seem to conclude we agree to disagree, and move on.  Our discussions are good ones and he's led me to some very interesting topics via our discussions.  His book, on the Under front defense is second to none folks, I highly recommend you pick up your copy TODAY!  If it weren't for folks like jgordon, who have the ability to see insight and a way to motivate, I wouldn't have EVER written a book, much less a blog, so for that, I am truly in debt.  Once again, the Huey board was an open door that I would have otherwise not had, if that forum wasn't available.

I know there are others on there I've met and talked to such as bigduke6, chibears3454, 46defense and many more that have been very insightful and informative (forgive me if I'm forgetting anyone).  The stories above are exactly what the Huey board and similar sites are good for.  The exchange of ideas and most importantly the networking of coaches.  Networking is an often overlooked, yet important component to being a good coach.  You never know when you will need some help get your ass out of a jam, and you might just find your answer online. 

This is not a post to "brown-nose" Coach Huey, this post is to thank the man that created such a wonderful site that has allowed coaches, not jut in the states, but throughout the WORLD share ideas, and network to a level not seen before the advent of the Internet forum.  What does the future hold?  Only Coach Huey will know the answer to that, but I certainly think that with the way information is passed along today, the Huey board will do nothing but expand and get bigger and better.

So to all those that have used the Huey board to better themselves as coaches, why don't you drop the man a line and thank him for the hard work he's done developing such a great site.  I think he deserves it, and I know he would appreciate it.  I did not write this with Coach Huey's permission, but I think a post like this is LONG overdue, so here's a special THANK YOU from The 12th Man, keep doing what your doing coach!

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