Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Triple Option

The Give
The Penn State, Jerry Sandusky saga comes to a bitter conclusion with the jury finding Sandusky guilty on all but three counts.  The question now is, where does Penn State go from here?  Hell, where does football in general go from here?  It's bad enough nowadays we can't give kids rides home from practice to make things easier for the mother working two jobs or the family struggling to make ends meet that have parents that work late.  No, we have to let them sit becuase of assholes like Sandusky. What bothers me even more is that this prick claims he's innocent.  Lose with dignity, you were caught and found guilty, go rot in your jail cell you sick bastard. 

So where does Penn State go from here?  I think there will be little to no drop off in recruiting, although I think their choice of a coach sucks, and I'm afraid the football program could be heading in the wrong direction.  In my personal opinion, I think Penn State is headed for darker days.  I know the school is already under the nation's watchful microscope, however the football program is on the downhill slide.  I'm sure when Penn State has a losing record next year, we will all hear about this scandal numerous times.  Again, I don't look for Penn State football to be very prominent for the next few years, but hey, I've been wrong before.

What do the victims do?  I can't imagine being involved in such a terrible act as what Sandusky put those kids through.  I've coached all age groups, from Pop Warner to the collegiate level and I can tell you, I could NEVER imagine doing what he did to those kids.  The man is a predator, plain and simple.  He used his influence to lure these kids in and then systematicaly destroyed their lives.  My hopes are that now that Sandusky is behind bars, the victims can breathe a sigh of relief.  However, this tragedy will surely haunt them the rest of their days.

What would you do had you seen Sandusky doing the things he did?  I'd like to think I'd act in a more appropriate manner than McQuerey did, however you just don't know.  I've heard all the comments on how the badass guys would have whipped Sandusky where he stood, but to be honest a small percentage of us would have actually done this.  The reason I say this is because what we would see is so horrific, the first reaction would be that of amazement or confusion as to what was being seen.  I'm sure McQuerey regrets walking in to that locker room, however it happened, and what he did afterwards was...not enough.  I love my dad to death, and lean on him for a lot of things, however, I think I would have called the police.  I'd like to think I would have anyway.

What about Paterno?  In all of this, the man, so adored by fans in Happy Valley, fell from grace in what seemed like almost and instant.  The sad fact is Paterno sealed his death warrant by not doing enough either.  That's the total shame of it all, is that a man so legendary could have done so little, in such a time of need.  Almost befuddling isn't it....?

What all this teaches us is, do what's within your powers to do to stop these kinds of acts.  How many times have we seen coaches try to sweep things under the rug, only to have it bite them in the ass in the end (Tressel!)?  If you see something terrible happen, do what you can to stop it, and don't just stop there, make sure the thing is followed up on.  In the end, a person who lets evil reign, is just as guilty as the evildoers themselves.

The Keep
A recent post on the Huey board (that died before I could read it), about the Flexbone Association camps really stirred the pot this week.  I used to be a regular on the FA website before they decided to start charging for their services.  The reson I left is plain and simple, most of us coaches make peanuts and scrape and scratch and claw to make money for our programs.  I don't think we should be nickled and dimed around every corner when it comes to coaching information.  Sure, I don't mind buying a book or a DVD here and there, but I do draw the line.  That's why I've tried to keep the information on my sites free and as available as possible (though I do have trouble answering ALL my emails).  I just think money is the root to the destruction of the greatest game in America, and I want no part of it.  I'm also against anyone who looks to profit off  amateur coaches (I do not include college coaches in this mix).  Most of us barely get by on our salaries alone and get paid a very meager salary (if you coach in Texas or Georgia, SHUT UP), to have to pay for information about the game is a bit low in my opinion.

Again, I think that's why forums like the Huey board exsist, so we can share ideas, network and become better coaches overall as a profession.  Not many coaches think this, because we are, in fact, a pretty competitive lot.  The idea that one coach has to be better than the other is what creates this information disparity and leads to dissention amongst fellow coaches (such as that shown on the Huey board).  The fact is, we are ALL COACHES with one goal in mind, getting our players better, and winning.  Sure, not everyone is a winner, but the information to be able to be a winner should not be the determing factor here.  There are so many other factors that go in to winning and losing, that the sharing of information is basically "white noise" in terms of what effects the outcome of a game or season.  So why the fuss then?  Well, I guess there are just some coaches out there that think they have to step on the little man to get ahead.  Oh well!

The Pitch
We have a playoff system in college football!!!!  I would say it's about time, but I'm sitting in the back row waiting for college football to, yet again, screw this one up.  Again, money is the root to why the rest of the NCAA sports look at football as the retard of the bunch.  Football is the only NCAA sport without a playoff, and what they are proposing doesn't seem all that "real" in terms of being a true playoff.  First off there are too many bowls to begin with, but why not have a system where the bowls are the playoff games?  Sure, there would be less teams, but you would still have the pagentry and money-making opportunity of the bowl atmosphere.  We'll have to see how this plays out, but for now we will be stuck with the BCS for one more year.  I don't think the bowl system will ever die, but this playoff setup is a step in the right direction for the face of college football.

How would you set up the college playoffs?  Send me an email at and if you have a good idea I will share it with everyone.  I think that's fair enough.  Hell, maybe us little people can make some noise on the grand stage known as college football!

The Two Point Conversion
Since I will be out of town next week, I'm going to add one in here (there will be no Friday Triple Option for next week-sorry got get some much needed R&R!), so I will call it The Two Point Conversion!

Recently here in Florida the Florida High School Activities Association handed down sactions to Seffner Armwood High School.  First off, the penalites were nowhere what they needed to be and in my opinion shows the absolute lack of respect for discipline the FHSAA actually has.  Yes the fines are large, but a little fundraising and you've got that covered, so not really as big a deal as many may think.  I think, if you really want to hit these teams where it hurts, hit them with a post-season ban.  However, in today's world, that would mean Armwood would have a roster of about 30 kids instead of the 60 or so they put on the sidelines every Friday night.  What I don't get is why cheat?  Is it that much to win?  I'd hate to win knowing, I had cheated.  I wouldn't feel complete, there would always be that question of "What if?".

The fact is, there's way more of this crap that goes on than people care to mention.  I know here in Florida cheating is rampant, and the reason, a gutless administration.  The FHSAA has several complaints (damn near visible ones) staring them in the faces daily.  Many private schools in Florida, as elswhere recruit, and do a damn good job of it.  The FHSAA claims that this recuiting is difficult to catch, and hard to track down, which is complete BULLSHIT!  All you have to do is look at a roster from year to year.  Most teams should have a fairly constant roster size and turnover rate.  You can track this by looking simply at new players that were not on the roster the year before that are upperclassmen, AND that moved into the school.  Where did these kids come from and why are they here now?  Sure it's tough, but the FHSAA has got to grow a pair when it comes to handing out these sanctions.  Fines are fine (no pun intended), however post-season bans and even "death penalties" are on the order here.  Remeber the age old saying in the military "Without fear, there is no discipline".  Maybe we need to type the FHSAA a  memo saying just that...

Have a great weekend!

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