Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Triple Option

I'm going to try, every week, to post my Friday Triple Option segment where I discuss any three topics in the world of football with my brief opinion.  We'll see how it goes, and this will be the inaugural Friday Triple Option.

The Give
Well, Jerry Sandusky's accusers in the Penn State scandal have come forward with some pretty damming testimony.  I can only imagine what those folks are going through, as much of the testimony is graphic, and I'm sure very hard to speak of.  My question is, how can you sit there and defend this guy?  I know, innocent until proven guilty, however in this case, if Sandusky gets off, I think the folks in Happy Valley should riot.  In football terms, the biggest sham of the whole thing is the firing and then death of the legendary coach Joe Paterno.  I just don't think he deserved what he got, and it was too much for his ol' ticker to bear.  Lord knows college football will miss you Joe Pa!

The Keep
The Auburn shooting has opened the nation's eyes, in a negative way, to the sport of collegiate football.  What a shame, young people these days feel the need to use a firearm to sort out there problems.  Like Craig's dad said in the movie Friday, "Kids these days just afraid to take an ass-whoopin'".  There is more truth in that statement than many will know.  I can remember what Randy Shannon used to tell his players, "There's nothing good that happens after midnight", however, Randy would have been wrong on this one as the shootings happened just after 10 P.M. in the evening.  The travesty is three young people are dead, and Auburn is a town right now that can't catch a break.  Lest we forget the Toomer's corner incident and for the die hards out there, the loss of Gus Malzahn to Arkansas State.  So, from the 12th Man to the victims of those involved in the shooting my heart goes out to you, keep your head up, as with anything, time heals all wounds.

The Pitch
I have to say, the signing of Chad Ochocinco to the Miami Dolphins makes my stomach turn.  First, a team that passed on a chance at Tim Tebow for David Gerrard was borderline retarded.  Second the gamble on Tannehill, is yet to be seen, though I gotta say I like the kid, so the jury is still out on that one.  However, Ochocinco...really???  I have to throw up the proverbial WTF on that one?  Ochocinco brings nothing to the table, and in my opinion, has the potential to wreck havoc in a locker room.  Hell, my father, who can't stand Pro Football made the comment (off the cuff) "He'll wreck that locker room worse than Jerry Sandusky!".  Yes, I know too soon, but my old man has no quoth, so give him some leeway here.  My dad is spot on, however.  Ochocinco left the only place where he could be properly managed, and now, he's off to the Dolphins, this could get interesting.  To say the least, I would say this is like a hibernating parasite that has awoken and found a new being to latch on to.  Before long, the downtrodden Dolphins will be a hot mess, and we'll all be standing here saying "I told you so".  Oh well, all we can do is wait and hope!

Wait til' they get a load of me...

That's it for this Friday's Triple Option.  Hit me up with an email for suggestions at or follow me on Twitter @theduece02.  So long and have a GREAT Father's day weekend!  I know I will!!!